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The Family Histories website was started in April 2016 to share information about related families in Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Now there are families from nearly every state and a few foreign countries. The original domain name was but that did not seem fitting for a genealogy website so the domain name was changed to The domain name is still used for help and information. Both sites are owned and maintained by Steven Davis and run on privately owned servers.

Hardware and Software list:

TNG V11.1.1 The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building

Synology DS916+ Synology Products

Hard Drives WD80EFZX Western Digital

Database MariaDB 10


Why I do not use a hosted website Family History Daily

Special thanks to Darrin Lythgoe for writing TNG and providing excellent support. Thanks to Cees Kloosterman, Chris Moss and Ken Roy for their technical assistance.