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If you’re here you found the help tab in the main menu bar. Home, in the menu bar, links to the front page of the website. The navigation bars appears at the top of every page so can easily move around the website. Additionally you can click on Family Histories in the header to return to the main page. A second navigation bar appears on select pages in the genealogy section. This bar lets you easily choose features in the TNG genealogy program.

Genealogy links to the database access page. The menus on the Genealogy page are links within the genealogy section. Genealogy pages have their own sub-menu system. The Genealogy Menu is where you make selections to search or access information in the genealogy database. When you are viewing an individual feature, a navigation menu bar will appear just below the header picture. Selecting Home displays the front page while selecting Genealogy displays the genealogy menu page. Additionally the navigation menu bar lets you to search, login, logout, edit your profile, select media, bookmark or print without returning to the Genealogy Menu page.

The database has many search options. You can search by name, places or a number of combinations if you select the advanced search feature. There are some features that do not show any content unless you are logged in. For example the media items in the center column will appear empty if you don’t login. In the right column there are no reports because I am still working on that. If you select notes be patient. This option takes a while to load because it displays every note in the database.

Maintenance Mode is On – This message appears on the genealogy page when either a database update is in progress or the files are being backed up. These processes usually takes about 30 minutes each but are run at different times. Check back later for access. The database is typically updated at a few times a week and usually at night. Backups are made every week. The server runs additional backups between 1:00 and 3:00 am twice a week.

Users – You can select Login or Register for a User Account on the home page. You can also login on the Genealogy page. There is no login for WordPress and you do not need to register or login to access the database, submit suggestions or leave comments. However, if you want to access living individuals, view media files or download GEDCOMs you will need to register.

Registration – Registration is limited to those in the Family Histories database. If you are not in the database your registration information will be deleted. You can submit your information along with info detailing your families relationship to someone in the database. Submit the information in a GEDCOM file, text file, email message or the contact us form. Once the relationship has been confirmed, you and your family will be entered in the database, your registration will be approved and full access granted. Access to media and information on living individuals is limited to those in the database. The database is one big family tree and everyone is related although in some cases it may be by marriage and extremely distant. All registration information is confidential and kept private.

Reasons for restricting access – This website willingly shares information except for details about the living. That information is shared with those that are in the database themselves. There are a number of dishonest people in the world and this website does not intend to be an easy source. Some claim this protected information is in the public domain which is true. If those people want the information that bad, they can get in their car and drive to all the homes, courthouses, churches and cemeteries I visited over the years and get it themselves. This is a private family website on a private server so full access is limited to protect the privacy of people and families that are living.

Form or Registration Denial – Family Histories uses Google reCAPTCHA to verify users and reduce spam. If the system suspects you are a robot and you do not complete the challenge correctly your contact or registration form will be denied. If you are having a problem with reCAPTCHA, send an email to explaining which form was not accessible.

Editing Your User Profile – You cannot change your profile on the Genealogy Menu page for security reasons. To edit your profile you must login and then click on any menu selection from the Genealogy Menu. Once you change pages, select the edit user profile option located in the navigation menu bar just below the header picture. Make whatever changes are necessary and save your changes before you exit.

Forgot Your User Name or Password? – Select the user login option and fill in the appropriate section at the bottom of the login window. A temporary password will be emailed provided you entered your correct email address when you registered. Passwords are encrypted so if you lose your password I can’t retrieve it. If you have forgotten everything and changed your email address, use the Contact Us link or send an email to so we can determine the best way to fix accessing your account.

Searches  – The main page contains search features using either a first, last or full name. You do not need to type the full first and last name to search. You can enter partial first or middle names in the first name field or a partial last name in the last name field. Pull down menus allow you to easily search for information from any page without returning to the genealogy menu. The advanced search feature allows you to search using multiple fields including name, dates and places. When viewing an individual’s information, a small magnifying glass appears at the right side of locations. If you click the magnifying glass, all individuals connected to this location will be displayed.

Once you find someone, you can scroll down and view a map showing the places associated with their events. Some places may not appear because there are more than 14,000 places and I do not have all of the geocodes entered. There are cases where place names have changed so it takes additional research to find the location and enter the map coordinates.

Corrections – Suggest corrections from within the Family Histories genealogy pages by selecting the suggest tab from an individual or family’s page. You do not have to login to suggest a correction or provide additional information. Additionally you can use the contact us form or leave a request on the post page. If you have photos, a text or document file to add to the website, you can attach them using the Contact Us form.