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Otis Ogden

I grew up in Adams and Scioto County Ohio. When I was six years old I learned they had to take my tonsils out. I was scared to death and was dreading the operation, as I had never been away from home. We lived on a gravel road back then and the township periodically had it graded to cover potholes and improve drainage. A man who I knew as Dick Ogden operated the road grader.

I didn’t realize we were related and just thought he and his wife were real nice people. (Parents don’t always explain who is who to little kids) His full name was Otis Oran Ogden and he was married to my first cousin, twice removed (Audrey Pierce). At the time I couldn’t figure out how he knew about my operation but he told me I looked big and strong enough to help him grade the road. I thought anyone capable of running that grader was ranked right up there with superman, so he made a big impression on me. I hopped up on the grader and “graded” Shawnee Run Road. After we finished he told me that if I recovered from my operation soon enough, he would have me help him again.

Well I went in the Hospital and hated it. At that time visiting hours were limited and they only had one TV station you could receive in West Union back then. Needless to say I was miserable, plus it hurt like the dickens. All I could think about was getting out so I could ride that grader again.

After I left the hospital I couldn’t talk and felt terrible but Dick didn’t forget me. One day he knocked on the door and asked my mom if I could go with him. At first I thought mom wasn’t going to let me go but I must have had one of those hurt puppy looks on my face so she said OK. My throat didn’t hurt all afternoon. He was better than ice cream to me. That was forty years ago. Although many faces have faded from my memory I will never forget how great he made me feel.

When I started doing genealogy I felt it was important to include the Ogden family. Not just because he married my grandma’s first cousin but also because when I was a young boy he made me feel important and gave me something to look forward to after the operation.

Steven Davis July 2007